Food Biotechnology: Promising Havoc or Hope for the Poor? [was: Re: Rain]

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Fri Nov 24 06:10:27 MST 2000

En relación a RE: Food Biotechnology: Promising Havoc or Hope f,
el 24 Nov 00, a las 7:50, Louis Proyect dijo:

> My dad had a
> fruit store in the good old days and everything he sold was in season. I
> have never eaten a peach as good as those he sold back in 1953. Of course
> you can only get them 2 or 3 months out of the year, but that's just as well.

Hah! Here it is! Anything that Lou Pr has said or will say on ecologic issues is
absolutely tainted by his petty-bourgeois, perverted hedonistic small village view
of the world. Long live giant factories and cities, long live irradiated meat, long
live large export estates! Under socialism, against these stupid petty bourgeois
dreams of Proyect, we will of course keep the whole system of domination of the
backward countryside by the progressive and sprawling towns, landless peasantry
included (haven't you ever thought that this is a basic component in the current
production of food that capitalism always neglects?)

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