"The Role of Force in History" (Miami-Dade county example)

Lou Paulsen wwchi at SPAMenteract.com
Fri Nov 24 08:51:47 MST 2000

>From the Los Angeles times:

      Gore's lawyers went to the state Supreme Court in Tallahassee early in
the day to seek an emergency order that would force the Miami-Dade County
canvassing board to resume manual counting of at least 10,750 disputed
      In its 29-page filing, the Democrats said the board may have been
influenced by "protests, political attacks and near mob-like action" by
local Republicans who sought to stop the recount in the heavily Democratic
county. They said Gore expected to gain nearly 800 votes if the recount
continued, enough to put him over the top.
      "Scores of noisy demonstrators engulfed the counting floors," Gore's
lawyers wrote. "Many were yelling and some pounding on the doors and windows
in close proximity to the election department's staff. Democratic personnel
were physically assaulted within yards of the vote counting while in the
lobby below prominent Republicans launched vituperative attacks on the
canvassing board members and its staff."

>From abcnews.com:

      ABCNEWS has learned that a strenuous, seemingly spontaneous public
demonstration against the recount Wednesday in Miami-Dade — which
contributed to one canvassing board member’s vote in the 3-0 decision to
quit recounting — was actually organized by the Republican Party, which
bused supporters in from out of town. The Republicans had argued that
Democratic officials were trying to take ballots behind closed doors.
       On World News Tonight Thursday, ABCNEWS reporter Bill Redeker found a
trailer where Republican operatives were conducting a “media operation” that
turned out to be direct involvement in the protest. That trailer has now
moved up to Broward County, he said on Good Morning America today.

[Comment: these Democratic hacks don't exactly believe in giving their lives
in the struggle, do they?  What a pitiful capitulation.  Of course the
reason is that the police in Miami wouldn't defend them against the
Republicans, wouldn't keep them out of the building as they normally do with
any of our demonstrations.  Take away their police guard and these are
cowardly people with no backbones.]

[Would it be correct to organize a labor defense guard in Broward to
surround the building and defend the vote counters from the Republican gang?
I think so.]

Lou Paulsen

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