Actor, killed by police, memorialized by "E.R." episode

Lou Paulsen wwchi at
Fri Nov 24 10:51:27 MST 2000

Viewers of NBC's popular show "E.R." last night saw, at the beginning of
credits, the notice: "In membory of Anthony Lee."  Most probably wondered
who he was.

Anthony Dwain Lee was a Black actor who appeared in that same episode as a
homeless drug-using man who nearly dies of an embolism when his complaints
are dismissed as drug-seeking behavior, but is saved at the last moment by
Dr. Carter.

In real life, racism was more deadly.  Lee was shot dead by LA police on
October 28.  He was attending a Halloween party, in costume; in his
possession was a toy gun made of gray rubber.  He was with two other people
in a back room of the house, separated from an outside walkway by a glass
door.  A light shone at him from the outside walkway.  He may have turned
towards it.  LA police, who were at the house answering a complaint of loud
noise, and who were looking for the owner, fired nine bullets into Lee
through the glass door.  "He pointed the gun right at me," the officer
stated later.

Here is a CNN story:

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