Food Biotechnology: Promising Havoc or Hope for the Poor? [was: Re: Rain]

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Fri Nov 24 11:09:17 MST 2000

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el 24 Nov 00, a las 13:46, David Welch dijo:

> On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:
> >
> > Hah! Here it is! Anything that Lou Pr has said or will say on ecologic
> > issues is absolutely tainted by his petty-bourgeois, perverted
> > hedonistic small village view of the world.
> >
> Lowest form of humor.

Well, we down here use to confuse sarcasm with humor, but at least we do not predate
on other peoples, a quite humorless activity. Now, on to your own way to see these
things, dear David. I would like to know

(a) what does the following
> > Long live giant factories and cities, long live irradiated meat, long
> > live large export estates!

have to do with this outburst of yours:

> Down with cosmopolitanism! Down with the rootless urban proletariat! Long
> live disease, starvation and organic farming!

And, (b) whether you are suggesting that large estates for export of cheap and bad
quality agricultural produce do entail massive misery and a setback to economic
development in the Third World, or not.

And, keep in mind that in my own country, with our very particular history, I am not
only _for_ large towns (I have even written a prize-winning book on this) but also
that I am not for the creation of a large agrarian petty bourgeoisie but of direct
nationalization of the large estates. However, I know that this is a very particular

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