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>largely on trade patterns. To put it bluntly, I believe Brenner's approach is
>consistent with Marx's method, and is a useful contribution to this
debate. But
>meanwhile, yes, let's all read up on these sources - and then come back for
>another round of discussion....
>Richard Fidler

Of course, it is consistent with Marx's method, as is Maurice Dobb's. It is
a very useful contribution to scholarship around the origins of agrarian
capitalism and helps to flesh out chapter 29 of V. 1 of Capital, titled
"The Genesis of the Capitalist Farmer." The problem is that it also tries
to subsume chapter 31, which is titled "The Genesis of the Industrial
Capitalist". However, when you turn to Marx, there is nothing in this
chapter about enclosure acts, etc. The genesis is in colonialism and
slavery. Period. For useful scholarship to flesh out chapter 31, I
recommend Robin Blackburn's "The Making of New World Slavery" which proves
beyond a shadow of a doubt and to a moral certainty that without slavery
there would have been insufficient capital to launch the industrial
revolution and modern capitalism. England came to rule the world not
because of enclosures, but plunder and slavery.

Louis Proyect
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