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Fri Nov 24 12:21:42 MST 2000

>What then gave rise to modern colonialism & chattel slavery, if not
>capitalism?  You don't want to attribute the origin of modern
>colonialism & chattel slavery to "European culture," just as you
>don't want to attribute the origin of capitalism to "European
>culture," do you?  For doing so would be Weberian, similar to the
>argument advanced by Ricardo Duchesne on PEN-l....

What gave rise to modern colonialism? Well, in the mature period of
tributary societies, as trade and commerce expanded, colonialism emerged as
a way to guarantee access to foreign markets. Europe participated, as did
the Ottoman, Mughal and Egyptian empires. This is the reason most of Africa
is Islamic today. But because of Europe's proximity to the New World, it
hit the jackpot so to speak. All this is detailed in Jim Blaut's
"Colonizer's Model of the World."

Louis Proyect
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