NY Times: clueless on Argentina

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Fri Nov 24 14:00:54 MST 2000


> En relación a NY Times: clueless on Argentina,
> el 24 Nov 00, a las 11:29, Louis Proyect dijo:

> >
> > Government officials and some business executives are beginning to say this
> > funk is self-fulfilling, and they blame it for the country's inability to
> > recover from its deep two-year- old recession. With foreign trade a mere 9
> > percent of the economy, these experts note, Argentina depends on the
> > spending of its own consumers to grow.
> This is the standard explanation by the worshippers of God Market (that is, of the
> imperialist order). We are doing everything OK, but these stupid Argentinians, so
> gloomy, don't simply realize that they have all the opportunities open before them.


Was it not George H Bush a few years back who went on a campaign to get people to "shop
more", that the American recession was purely a result of people being too thrifty?



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