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>From: Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at osu.edu>
>Lou wrote:
>>>..all of these characters are deeply into
>>>"stagist" Marxism that systematically excludes the 'combined and uneven
>>>development' that was a hallmark of Trotsky's thinking and which is
>>>ultimately rooted in Marx's own writings, particularly with respect to the
>>>German revolution.
>>Why do you think that there is an organic relation between Analytical
>>Marxism and "stagist" Marxism?  BTW, isn't "stagism" of the CP
>>variety precisely what Trotsky opposed?  What is the content of
>>"stagist Marxism" -- ultimately rooted in Marx's own writings, you
>>say -- under which you assert that we must subsume the CPs,
>>Trotskyism, & Analytical Marxism?
>No, Yoshie, you're not parsing that the way Lou intended.  He means that:
>"Stagist Marxism" excludes
>    'combined and uneven development'
>          that was a hallmark of Trotsky's thinking
>          and is ultimately rooted in Marx's own writings.
>Lou Paulsen

OK, but the question remains: why the hell does Lou [Proyect] think
that all Analytical Marxists and Robert Brenner (by virtue of his
association with Analytical Marxism) exclude the "combined and uneven
development"?  In fact, given Lou's posts on chattel slavery, etc.,
one might say that he -- in contrast to Brenner -- forgets the
"combined and uneven development."

And I asked: "Also, what does it mean in the concrete to reject
"stagism" in the current historical conjuncture?  Say, with regard to
Serbia, China, Argentina, the USA, etc.?  Take your pick, and
illustrate it for us."  One might suspect, with regard to Yugoslavia,
that our opponents may accuse us of "stagism," in that we didn't
think it was a good idea for workers & peasants to revolt against
Milosevic just at this moment in history.


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