the role of forced labor

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>  >Wage labor has expanded as capitalism developed.  Chattel slavery,
> while >expanding in the period of the mercantile system, got abolished
> with the >development of industrial capitalism & the doctrine of
> laissez faire (see Eric >Williams, _Capitalism and Slavery_).

This is not true. I don't know what Williams thinks about it though, but
in the 18th century slaves were still the charectertic of labor force in
Caribbean Islands when the doctrine of laissez faire was already
developing. Slavery *coexisted* with industrial capitalism for sometime
because it was *integral* to British industrial growth, not antagonistic
to it. Agrarian "plantation capitalism" and  "industrial capitalism"
were not two different social systems. They were rather two phases of
capitalism. The same applies to US (northern industrialists versus
agrarian capitalists, not liberalizing bourgeosie versus feudal elite)


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