on the American election - a query and a comment

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Sat Nov 25 17:03:56 MST 2000

> Comrades.
> What percentage of the voting population enrolled?

Those of voting age, without records, etc? Around 65% (if memory serves) were

 What percentage of the
> enrolled actually voted?
Around 51%. The highest turnout in decades. Some attribute it to the closeness, I
personally think it is because people (like many on this list) who otherwise would have
stayed home voted for Nader.

>  From where I am sitting it looks as if the election will be given to
> Bush.

I get that smell, too. I think they are starting to realize that stability could be in
questiuon without a "winner" soon.

> even within the general decay of bourgeois democracy in the USA that
> will be surely a remarkable act.  I am surprised that the Gore forces have
> kept going for so long.  Admittedly the White House is a pretty big trough
> - with room for lots and lots of snouts.

That, and there is no one that the ruling class *automatically* gravitates towards.
is, in part, the result of the ruling class being so successful in making the parties
have virtually no difference. They do not know who to crown King. However, it isn't
for awhile yet, amazingly the Democrats are going to contest the result in the
eventuality that the election is handed to the Bush team. Democracy in action.


> regards
> Gary

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