the role of forced labor

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>Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

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> >If you think that capitalism contributes to
> >wealth of nations *equally*, you deny imperialism.
> >You know, _no one on this list_ thinks that "capitalism >contributes
> >to wealth of nations *equally*," but if you have evidence to >the
> >contrary, I'd like you to present it.

I did not say you said it. I was making a general statement from what we
can *deduce* from Brenner's argument. If you take it personally, I can't
do anything.  Frankly, I simply don't believe that liberalism played an
historically progressive role because it eventually got away with
slavery. Liberals did not abolish slavery because they were so concerned
with it. It was just because the economic needs changed. That was that
simple. Furthermore, if the abolishment of navigation acts gradually
undermined slavery in 1848, as you claimed, then why was there was
slavery in the US till 1865? ABC's again, unfortunately. The fact of the
matter is that due to the rising competition from other European powers
for slave labor, British had to shift its traditional supply zone from
Africa to  US and Caribbean, not that it abolished slavery in some real

> > As long as you pretend that
> >the interlocutors with whom you think you disagree are >non-Marxists,

Which interlocutors? I did not say such a thing.This is your pretension,
not mine.

>what would it take to help organize a movement in
>the USA against free trade _as well as_ protectionism, economic
>embargoes, social imperialism, etc.?

There is no dichotomy between free trade and protectionism in the US.
they are both imperialist. So called free trade liberals, Clinton
himself, was the one who strengthened the embargo on Cuba, Iraq etc.. It
the same liberals who shook hands with Croatian fascists in the Yugo case
. Free traders are the same racists as protectionists when it comes to
preservation of US interests.




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