the role of forced labor

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Yoshie replied:

> >You know, amongst Marxists, one wants to have a debate >that goes
> >beyond the ABC (or A) of Marxism.  Otherwise, what's the >point?  It
> >makes sense sometimes to repeat ABC on a _non-Marxist_ >list, but here
> >it really doesn't, does it?  For whose imaginary benefit are >you
> >reciting ABC?  Not to hear yourself talk, I hope?

blah, blah, blah, blah! i am still waiting for you to make up your mind and
come up with something coherent on chattel slavery! Maybe when you get your
Ph.D., I hope, if you can! Otherwise, what is the point of teaching A of
Marxism to the list members such as "primitive accumulation"?  Not to hear
youself chat on LBO talk, I hope?

Plus, you still haven't replied my question on Navigation Acts. This means how
useful the discussion is with you. Only chatting  and intellectual name
dropping! That is it!

I  am skipping the missive below..


> >  >what would it take to help organize a movement in
> >>the USA against free trade _as well as_ protectionism, economic
> >  >embargoes, social imperialism, etc.?
> >
> >There is no dichotomy between free trade and protectionism in the US.
> >they are both imperialist. So called free trade liberals, Clinton
> >himself, was the one who strengthened the embargo on Cuba, Iraq etc.. It
> >the same liberals who shook hands with Croatian fascists in the Yugo case
> >Free traders are the same racists as protectionists when it comes to
> >preservation of US interests.
> >I'm afraid you're not interested in the question I >asked....Perhaps,
> >when you become interested in a political question (about
> >organizing), we might be able to have some useful >conversation.
> Yoshie


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