Report on dams boosts Narmada project

Patrick Bond pbond at
Sun Nov 26 07:06:28 MST 2000

> From:          "Ulhas Joglekar" <ulhasj at>
> What is the basis for your optimism, if I may ask?

Two factors: intrinsic contradictions in the process of accumulation
which thus far have been displaced across space and time, largely
through the financial system's expansion and innovation; and the rise
of diverse anti-"neoliberal" forces which are and will be making more
robust demands on their nation-states (and less, thank goodness, on
some myopic global regulator) to get protection from market

Maybe you can report to us, Ulhas, on how the comrades
in the Narmada movement have been making the links, the through
National Association of Peoples Movements, to neoliberalism and
parasitic forces within global and national capitalism? Such movement
from the particular (fighting Sardar Sarovar) to the general
(building a multi-issue set of alliances) seems like a good formula.
The very best comrades in South Africa are doing so at the moment,
unencumbered at this stage by a line-giving party, and firing away
against diverse but explicitly capitalist enemies on many fronts. The
party form will soon follow, but issue development and
alliance-building is the preferred formula at the moment, it would

Those two factors together -- the exhaustion of various kinds
of crisis displacement techniques, and the sure rise of coordinated
opposition -- give me enormous grounds for optimism...
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