Food Biotechnology: Promising Havoc or Hope for the Poor? [was: Re: Rain]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Nov 26 07:28:49 MST 2000

David Welch:
>No, but nor do I believe the solution lies in universalizing these
>conditions or returning to some agrarian utopia, rather in liberating
>production and the distribution and development of technology from the
>limitations of capitalism.

God, what useless, sectarian garbage. David Welch can not bother to look
into concrete questions of the ecological crisis such as the role of
pesticides or the risks of GM, etc. This would require going to a library
and actually opening a book. Instead he is content to advocate communism.
Under communism, humanity will use science to promote the general welfare.
Bleh-bleh-bleh. Good grief, do 310 Marxists spread across the planet and
who have been active in the movement for up to 50 years in some cases need
to open an email from David Welch to discover that communism is worth
fighting for?

Louis Proyect
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