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On Sun, 26 Nov 2000 23:08:34 +1000 Gary MacLennan
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> 3.      For faith…
> My interest in Eastern religion and thought has been sparked by Roy
> Bhaskar's latest book From East to West: The Odyssey of a Soul.
> Bhaskar is
> the world's greatest living philosopher and the founder of the
> philosophical movement of Critical Realism. He began his career as a
> brilliant philosopher of science, but as a result of a psychic and
> spiritual crisis in his 50s he turned towards religion.  To the
> dismay of
> many Critical Realists he unveiled this year in From East to West a
> philosophy which is a mixture of, among other things, New Left
> thought and
> New Age mysticism.

Perhaps, I am just being a hard-bitten old rationalist, but why
shouldn't I be dismayed by Bhaskar's turn to "New Age
mysticism" (assuming that is indeed an accurate
characterization of his most recent thought)?

Jim F.

>I was less shocked by this than I once would
> have been
> and though many have attacked the book I find it to be full of
> wisdom and
> beauty.  It is indeed just these same qualities that I found to my
> great
> delight in the Sikh hymnal that I dug out of Emma's.
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