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Sun Nov 26 11:09:42 MST 2000

On Sun, 26 Nov 2000 12:27:03 -0500 Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at>

I'd dare say that some of Lou's reasoning on this matter have been
mechanistic and undialectical to the extreme.  It is also
curious in light of the fact that in the past Lou has had some
kind words for the Socialist Workers Party (UK), follower
of Tony Cliff who have been the leading popularizers of
the state capitalism thesis.

Jim F.

> You'd have to _demonstrate_ the long equation (or free association?)
> that you want us to accept: a UCLA professor = Analytical Marxism =
> G. A. Cohen = Stagism = the Second International = Social Darwinism
> =
> Karl Kautsky = Georgi Plekhanov = an Enemy of the Revolution = Hal
> Draper = Solidarity = _Against the Current_ = Max Shachtman = a
> theory of "State Capitalism" & "Bureaucratic Collectivism."  And
> then
> you need to _demonstrate_ that all of the above is indeed
> synthesized
> in Brenner's works, with textual evidence from them.
> If we follow this line of reasoning, though, we must, to take just
> one example, conclude that C. L. R. James was an enemy of the
> Revolution, for he, unlike Robert Brenner, indeed wrote a book
> called
> _State Capitalism and World Revolution_, with Raya Dunayevskaya &
> Grace Lee.
> Actually, I wonder why you didn't name C. L. R. James as one of the
> guilty parties with whom you allege Brenner is associated, since it
> was the Johnson-Forest Tendency that introduced the idea of "state
> capitalism."
> Yoshie

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