the sacred and the profane?

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Sun Nov 26 12:27:07 MST 2000

On Sun, 26 Nov 2000 13:55:26 -0500 "snedeker" <snedeker at>
> it seems to me that the argument about Brenner is getting out of
> control. if he has no impact on revolutionary movements because he
> is not read by the working class, why worry about his arguments? why
> give him so much importance in our discussions. what is the great
> danger?

Brenner, himself may be irrelevant to the day-to-day activities
of revolutionary movements, however, he is of interest because
of his work on the transition from feudalism to capitalism,
and that in turn is an issue that many Marxists have long
taken an interest in because among other things they
hoped (rightly or wrongly) that it would help to shed some
light on the transition from capitalism to socialism.  And
that is an issue that I think you will agree is of relevance
to revolutionaries.

> let's get back to the analysis of capitalism. if people have ideas
> about practical politics, let them articulate these and we will
> debate them. Brenner has taken on the importance of a symbol in some
> religious ritual. let's get back to reality. we are all
> intellectuals; some of us are academics. what we say on line does
> not change the world.

It may well be time to declare a temporary moratorium on discussing
Brenner since it seems impossible to discuss him without people
who share the same basic politics going at each others' throats.
Apparently, he cannot be discussed here except in short dibs
and drabs.  And yet each time the discussion resumes, I do think
a little bit of progress is made in the understanding of some of
the underlying issues.  Such is the way that the "cunning of
Reason" works itself out on this list.

Jim F.

> George

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