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don't you think these attempts to make connections have the sense of a
religious discourse. who is the devil, and where is he hiding?I never knew
there were such people as Brennerites. why not stick to questions about
"stage theories", if that is what is important? debates over the origins of
capitalism are important because of eurocentrism. I also did not know anyone
cared about G. A. Cohen. after his book was publlished 20 years ago, there
was some interest. but the way, I thought Jim Blaut's work on
eurocentrism was very important because it caused us to rethink our own
understanding of Marxism.
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> >In what sense is Andy Daitsman a "Brennerite" given the above very
> >un-Brenner-like remark on "the other capitalisms"?  Does he cite
> >Brenner to support his musings?
> >
> >Yoshie
> In the same sense that Genovese is a Dobbsian. When I cited Genovese to
> that effect, you merely replied that no-no, Genovese doesn't understand
> Dobbs and has him all wrong. It is a waste of time to try to connect the
> dotted lines between Dobbs and Genovese or Daitsman and Brenner, because
> you are uncomfortable with the reactionary logic. Sorry, I can't help you
> with that.
> As you know, Yoshie, when there was a debate on Blaut-Brenner on PEN-L, it
> unleashed a tidal wave of reactionary beliefs from Wojtek Sokolowski's
> oddball marriage of Barrington Moore and hatred for the black liberation
> movement to Ricardo Duchesne's outspoken belief that capitalism has a
> progressive role to play in places like Puerto Rico or India. If you put
> Daitsman's crackpot defense of Pinochet side-by-side with Ricardo's
> procapitalist Marxism, there's virtually nothing to distinguish them
> "Only Connect"
> --E.M. Forster
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