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> George, try to get a hold of Marcus Roberts book on Analytical
> Marxism. It
> places Brenner in the context of this school. Brenner's essay "The
> Social
> Basis of Economic Development" appears in the collection Analytical
> Marxism
> edited by John Roemer (Cambridge, 1986). Analytical Marxism no
> longer
> occupies a central place in Marxist discourse as it did 10 or 15
> years ago,
> but we have a responsibility to identify the intellectual roots of a
> major
> figure in academic Marxism.


If you want to go deeper into a largely unexplored aspect of
analytical Marxism, you might wish to take a look at the web site
of the journal Poznan Studies which is a Polish edited journal
whose articles are rooted in the analytical philosophy of
the Lvov-Warsaw School.


 What is of interest here, is that
these Polish philosophers among other things developed
their own brand of analytical Marxism independently of
the more or less anglophone school centering around
G.A. Cohen.  As I once noted in a post on this list
a couple of years back, there have historically been several
eruptions of analytical Marxisms in regions where
there were entrenched schools of analytical
philosophy.  Arguably, the Machist school of
Alexander Bogdanov represented one of the first
such eruptions.  And there have been several others
since then.

Jim F.

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