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Sun Nov 26 19:38:10 MST 2000

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky:

>>Honestly, this is absolutely unfair. On the one hand, there are some workers
on this list, and not among the less participative of its members! Secondly, the
debates and informations that appear on it have helped me (at the very least) to
write some articles on my party's newspaper. These articles are certainly read
by workers in Argentina, since some 200 copies of our paper are distributed by
the unions that are nearer to us (for example the Flour Mill Workers Union, the
Pharmaceutical Workers Union, the Transport Workers Union -one of the mainstays
of the CGT of Moyano- and a few more).<<

Irony gets short shrift on this list, it seems.

Nestor, if the "Brenner debate" was one of those debates that helped to inform
your work as a revolutionist - and I would be delighted to hear that it was -
then you have just confirmed my point. Lou's comment could be read either way:
either as a dismissal of Brenner, or (as I tried to turn it) a recognition that
to some degree we are all preaching to the desert, even though we all (Brenner,
too) take ourselves seriously and think our ideas merit attention --- especially
from workers.

Richard Fidler
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