A minor correction on the Amphictionic Congress of 1826

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>  "In
> the first and last attempt of founding the United States of South
> America (Panama Congress in 1826), Bolívar's ideas were contested by the
> leading regional elites, who believed that they would be able to guarantee
> better their economic and political interests in independent nations than
> in a larger but geographically split federal state.  Similarly, the
> international policy of Great Britain opposed strongly this kind of
> federation; for example, Argentinian representatives never participated in
> Bolívar's Congress because of British political and economic pressures"
> (at
> <http://www.helsinki.fi/hum/ibero/xaman/articulos/9701/9701_jup.html>).

Argentina did not exist in 1826, in fact. Buenos Aires, under the hand of Bernardino
Rivadavia (the prototype of the "local élite" of the port) had given its back to the
country. The remaining provinces were _for_ the Congress, and the governor of
Córdoba, Colonel Juan Bautista Bustos, tried to send someone to Panamá. He simply
could not find the money...

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