A not so minor correction on the battle of Pavón

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> "The struggle for the constitution in Argentina is the story
> of four decades of conflict between Buenos Aires, opposed to a federal
> government, and the rest of the provinces, which found in that system the
> best protection for their economic and political interests....[However]
> conflicts of interest remained and Buenos Aires resisted its integration
> until 1860..." (at

In fact, 1860 did not mark the integration of Buenos Aires to Argentina but the
subjection of Argentina to Buenos Aires. I have sent some postings on this issue,
long ago, but I think that the early archives of Marxmail have kept them alive. True
integration had to wait until 1880. The battle of Pavón, though formally put an end
to the secession of Buenos Aires in 1853-54, meant in practice that the oligarchy in
Buenos Aires had a free hand to send murderous expeditions to the inland provinces
and to launch, together with the slavocrats of Brazil and the British Empire, the
genocidal war of Paraguay.

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