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Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> > If I were you, I would not simply reduce Machiavelli to a simple "strategist"
> he
> > makes several hypothetical assumptions about human nature. That is why, realist/
> > neo-realist theorist of international relations find support to their theses in his
> > writings. They see states competing for power (mainly *political*) in the same way
> > mainstream economic theory sees individual agents competing for profits. Might be
> > interesting to compare and contrast the Machiavellian assumptions regarding state
> behavior
> > (as well as elite, rulers etc..) and economic theory regarding rational behavior
> etc.. .
> > Topic for you.
> >
> >
> > Xxxx
> >Thank you, and I agree and have been using Gramsci's work >on the matter to make
>the link
> >between "strategist" and how this works in class society.

that is why, I implied , it might be interesting to look at the neo-realist
of Gramsci and Machievelli to see the danger there--ie., Robert Keohane. Some self
identified Gramsci scholars also make use of realism in their assesments of the
decline of
US hegemony. You may want to see, for example,  if this is really the case from a
perspective..  Just a thought though..


> It is very important to get the "human nature" crap out of Machiavellian thought,
> is the secondary thesis in my work.
> Macdonald
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