the sacred and the profane?

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Nov 27 07:24:14 MST 2000

>>> farmelantj at 11/26/00 02:22PM >>>

It may well be time to declare a temporary moratorium on discussing
Brenner since it seems impossible to discuss him without people
who share the same basic politics going at each others' throats.
Apparently, he cannot be discussed here except in short dibs
and drabs.  And yet each time the discussion resumes, I do think
a little bit of progress is made in the understanding of some of
the underlying issues.  Such is the way that the "cunning of
Reason" works itself out on this list.


CB: Maybe this is a negative dialectic. Raya Dunayevskaya writes about how long,
trying, long, long can be the negation.

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