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And I asked: "Also, what does it mean in the concrete to reject
"stagism" in the current historical conjuncture?  Say, with regard to
Serbia, China, Argentina, the USA, etc.?  Take your pick, and
illustrate it for us."  One might suspect, with regard to Yugoslavia,
that our opponents may accuse us of "stagism," in that we didn't
think it was a good idea for workers & peasants to revolt against
Milosevic just at this moment in history.


CB: This is not directly to the entire subject of this thread , but in my opinion,
recent historical events such as the fall of the SU and European socialism, and
China's taking a path that does not quite bypass socialism as much as perhaps was the
aim  a few decades ago could tend to support the idea that it is not so easy to "skip"
stages.  Russia was "backward" and all that.

I don't mean this to the extent that the best course for socialism is not still to
maintain some areas on earth with modes of production other than modern high industry.

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