the role of forced labor

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Mon Nov 27 13:34:10 MST 2000

>>> furuhashi.1 at 11/25/00 05:30PM >>>
>Ohh! wait a minute you are telling me that Navigation Laws were hardly
>capitalist because they were part of the Mercantilist Trade System?

The question is not whether X is or is not capitalist here.  We are
talking about the causes of abolition of the slave trade & chattel
slavery.  What was helpful at one point in history became unhelpful
at another point.  Think dialectically.


CB: Yes, for the U.S. , this is the dialectic I was hypothesizing when I said back on

CB: I thought my theory was built around explaining the Civil War ( end of slavery in
the U.S.) .  The component parts of capitalism, wage-labor and slavery, are a unity
and struggle of opposites. Eventually, in this struggle, one component, the wage-labor
component negates the slavery component. At this point the balance of hegemony, if we
want to say it that way, tips against slavery, as the industrial capitalists interests
unite with the interests of the enslaved class.

Black Reconstruction is the momentum of this new alliance continuing , the overcoming
in the sublation.

The counter-revolution against Black Reconstruction is the preservation of slavery in
the sublation as Jim Crow.

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