Fw: Informal Name Change/Wobbly Martyrs of November

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Mon Nov 27 14:28:04 MST 2000

>>> hunterbear at if.rmci.net 11/23/00 02:17PM >>>

Friends, Comrades, Fellow Workers:

Given the brutally tragic and sanguinary events plaguing virtually everything within
everyone's view -- to say nothing of occasional threads of bizarre comedy -- this
little informal name change of mine is certainly not a significant announcement beyond
its purely personal connotations.  But here is it:  for some time, I've been
increasingly known as Hunter Gray (no more, no less) and I'm now shifting away from
"John Hunter Gray" to  Hunter Gray.  This is going to a wide ranging group of good

If you're more comfortable with "John" in my case, absolutely no problem whatsoever.

In the case of directory listings, etc., you should feel free to change my name from
John Hunter Gray to simply Hunter Gray.


CB: Hello, Hunter Gray.

Coincidently, my son's name is Alexander Hunter Brown

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