on the American election - a query and a comment

Martin Zehr m_zehr at SPAMhotmail.com
Mon Nov 27 16:52:53 MST 2000

Excuse me but I gave up my spot on the left some time ago when it became
abundantly clear that the left was more involved with itself than it was
with the process of change.

The only thing worthwhile that can be gained by negotiating with the enemy
is exactly that which can not be imagined unless we step towards the table
and make our demands. A soap box may be good for Hyde Park but it does
little in the real world to promote change. A victory squeezed out in
struggle raises the ante, and brings in more players.

Trust me, no one can prop up this system, it is designed to reproduce
itself. It is a reality. There is already a new generation in Congress-
don't inflate the impact of Seattle into making you think that it can't
function without YOUR support or the involvement of the new activists. The
fact of the matter is: the fewer involved the better it is for them. If we
don't want to get our hands dirty, then we may as well stay out of politics

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>Subject: Re: on the American election - a query and a comment
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> >    It seems to me the most significant impact on the election results
> > Nader's votes. What we have as a result is a virtual 50-50 deadlock. The
> > impact of this is that a new policy agenda can become influential. For
> > example, if the Greens can elect just a few House members in the next
> > election, they become a partner in something that has never happened in
> > national politics-a coalition government.
>And the moment they do that, they cancel out their claim to *any* spot on
>the left.
>One cannot help prop up either party in the US under the assumption that
>they have
>gained "concessions" and consider that a worthwhile excersize. It would
>push so many of
>the new generation of activists back into the hallways of D.C.
>This is the danger of supporting the Nader campaign, it appears.

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