TURKEY: Torturers of Fatma Tokmak Still Free

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TURKEY: Torturers of Fatma Tokmak
Still Free

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* News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty
 International *  25 November 2000 EUR 44/063/2000 225/00

"The torturers of Fatma Tokmak and her two-year-old son Azat are still
free, despite the sufferings they caused," Amnesty International said on
the occasion of the United Nations International Day for the
Elimination of Violence against Women.

 On 9 December 1996 Fatma Tokmak, a Kurdish woman who does not speak
Turkish, was detained on suspicion that she and her husband were
affiliated with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). She was held in police
custody with her son at the Anti-Terror Department of the police
headquarters in Istanbul until 20 December.

Fatma Tokmak and her son were allegedly subjected to torture at the
hands of police officers in Istanbul in December 1996. To this day no
one has been prosecuted and all possible moves to bring the perpetrators
to justice have been exhausted.


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