A Jewish Grinch?

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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Like I'm not already sick enough of Christmas -- I have to go see this
film, which, despite the presence of the Grinch (Jim Carrey), is really
little more than an affirmation of a dominant paradigm. Is the moral of the
story "we should love everybody despite our differences?" No, it's not. The
moral of the story is this: Conform to the majority way of thinking or we
will condemn you to a life of loneliness and unhappiness. Ho, ho, ho!

It strikes me as just a little bit scary that no matter where you go, you
can't get away from Christmas. Even inside a snowflake, in a town called
Whoville where everybody certainly looks different and acts a little
different, Christmas is still celebrated. Unfortunately for Whoville,
however, there's one person in their entire universe who threatens to make
their celebrations just a bit less cheerful -- The Grinch. Why are they
afraid of the Grinch? He doesn't celebrate Christmas. Why does he live
alone in the top of a mountain? Because he's green and looks different from
the Whos, and they've basically exiled him there.

The religious connotations of this film are fairly obvious. The Grinch is
green because green represents money. In terms of religion, green
represents Judaism since, throughout history, the Jews have been associated
with money. So, there's one Jew in this entire town and they hate his guts
so much that they run him out of town and now he's the bad guy for not
feeling particularly affectionate toward the Whos. Whose fault is this?

Fortunately, there's one Who, little Cindy Lou-Who (Taylor Momsen), who
recognizes that the Whos have become too materialistic in their Christmas
celebrations, so she tries to reconcile with the Grinch by inviting him to
lead their Christmas celebration. This is fairly typical Christian
propaganda -- conversion masked as good will. Basically, little Cindy
Lou-Who is just a patsy for the Church.

Another of this film's typical assertions is that their newborns float down
from the sky in little baskets (this is how the Grinch got there). This
little fairy tale is just a big cover-up for the fact that there's a whole
lot of Who-fucking going on and these religious zealots want to pretend
that there's not. The choices the Grinch gets, between being miserable and
celebrating Christmas, between following his own way and following the
Who's way, is really no choice at all. There's only one way of thinking in
Whoville and everybody else be damned. They're basically funny-looking

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