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Let Marx Be Marx

Issue date: 07.24.00
Post date: 07.14.00

Karl Marx: A Life
by Francis Wheen
W.W. Norton, 431 pp.
(Click here to buy this book.)

A familiar quip had it that the only place where Marxism was still alive and
well was in the American university. But even there it has fallen upon bad
times, unable to compete with the latest fashions: gender studies, cultural
studies, all the varieties of postmodernist studies. Even postcolonial
studies have only a remote relationship to Marxism, having been
psychologized, personalized, postmodernized. Any self-respecting Marxist
must be disheartened by this anarchic state of affairs. But even a
non-Marxist may be nostalgic for a Marxism--for "classical" Marxism, that
is--that has an intellectual rigor lacking in the current "studies," and
that has received a good deal of rigorous analysis by serious scholars. And
now we have a new biography of Marx that will make some of us still more
nostalgic for the Marxism of old.

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