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Hi Lou:

I have a different take on Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan, Tet etc. than you
express in your bah-humbug review of "The grinch who stole Christmas".

All human societies have ceremonial occasions where they celebrate and/or
commemorate changes of seasons, births, deaths, and the formation of
personal relations.

Abstracted from the ideological bullshit these events are wrapped in, they
express social solidarity, care for other members of the social group, etc.

And people get warm happy feelings on these occasions because they feel
that some part of society cares for and about them.

If you miss this point, you miss the point.

This gives tradition power - and it gives whoever the ruling class happens
to be power.

I am sure this is the part you really object to - not the warm feeling of
being included in society.

The real point Dr. Seuss was making was about that warm feeling - after
all, what happens at the end of the story? The Grinch brings back Christmas
and they all love each other.

This is what makes the issue of religion, and tradition in general such a
sticky one before and after a revolution.

I personally celebrate the winter solstice, but go to all other parties (as
long as they are not in churches) and have a good time.

I raise my glass to you! Cheers! Have a merry whatever.


P.S.: Wasn't Dr. Seuss a leftist? And a drinking man? I think maybe we
should pay more attention to him than to the guy who wrote about Dorothy.
Seuss was a lot mroe influential on the formation of late 20th century
children's consciousness than whatshisname from the prairies. (Got it. L.
Frank Baum)

Louis Proyect
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