Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Nov 30 08:15:27 MST 2000

Thursday, November 30 7:22 AM SGT

Global unions group warns Venezuela will face isolation over
union-overhaul vote

CARACAS, Nov 29 (AFP) -

A global union federation pledged support for Venezuelan unions here
Wednesday and warned President Hugo Chavez' government would face
international isolation if voting on a referendum to overhaul top union
leadership proceeds as scheduled.

"We have not come to interfere with Venezuela's internal affairs," said
Bill Jordan, secretary general of the International Confederation of Free
Trade Unions (ICFTU).

But he said that if Sunday's referendum vote, proposed by Chavez, is
carried out, "we will be compelled to launch a worldwide campaign using all
the sanctions we can impose."

He added that the group would call upon world leaders to "cut off
Venezuela until the labor rights of all Venezuelans are restored."...

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