Gay liberation, capitalism, Stalinism

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Nov 30 16:39:53 MST 2000

Just a few points here Phil,

I think that capitalism can grant full citizenship to no one.   Within that
of course some are more oppressed than others.  It is true that in New
Zealand gays did quite well compared to working class people but then most
gays are workers are they not? Oppression and domination simply flowed into
another sector.  I may be free to marry a man but my conditions at work are
deteriorating etc.

As for Stalin and traditional forces I was thinking about how Stalin
appropriated the iconography of peasant religious culture. There is
supposed to be a film of him where he descends from heaven to visit the
troops fighting the Germans. Moreover during the war he openly courted
Slavophilia.  Despite (because of?) his attacks on the kulaks it seems to
me that Stalin's regime rested firmly on the peasantry.



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