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thanks Charles. we do have time limitations with this review. other wise,
I'd get a copy from the publisher for you. perhaps you can write something
in the future.

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> I'd do it , but I don't have the book. You don't have flexibility with
time, right ?
> CB
> >>> snedeker at concentric.net 11/30/00 11:15AM >>>
> no one jumped at my suggestion to write a review of EIGHT EUROCENTRIC
HISTORIANS. this would be an opportunity to remember Jim's work. it's not a
difficult task for anyone  who has read the book. we do not want a chapter
by chapter summery. begin by mentioning that this was the second volume of
his study of Eurocentrism, then state his position. how does it relate to
the argument about Eurocentrism? I am sure that Yoshie or Xxxx could do it
in a half hour...
> you can reach me at snedeker at concentric.net

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