Is The FI One of the Greatest Failures In Marxist History?

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TA> Soviet Bloc, is that the movement could never really break out of its
TA> Eurocentrist direction.     This started with the fateful decision of
TA> Trotsky deciding to go into exile in Mexico.     It seemed like the
TA> best decision at the time.

   There was not much choice. You know that he was more or less
imprisoned in his previous exile in Norway, and that no other country
wanted to give him a visa.

TA>                   But it was also a decision to concentrate
TA> on building the Trotskyist Movement in the Imperialist Bloc, and not
TA> their colonies.

    Well, Mexico was and still is a Third World Country.

    Also, there were important sections in Third World Countries --
think of Vietnam, China, or Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

    The first big problem was that Trotsky's expectation that
Stalinism would be destroyed after the war, was not confirmed by the
events, and that in most countries the proletarian revolutionists were
in a small minority.

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