AW: Is The FI One of the Greatest Failures In Marxist History?

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at
Sun Oct 1 09:15:08 MDT 2000


in Austria we are now, for one week, in hard and bitter struggles against
the black-blue government that now introduced study-fees at the
universities which will block working-class yourh from studying. At the
same time, this government started attack on the employees in the public
secot and reduced the subsidiraires for workless people.

We had anwe deomstrations dayle, and we had a lot od meetins and sicussions
with the trade unions, and I proudly say: It´s the Trotskiyt Organizations
that lead this struggles!

And we can lead this fights, because Trotsky was not wrong: I do not care
about the tendencies which provlaim they are te only "sons" of the old FI.
But, I think , we must see: Just Those wgo underwent theire education in
the cam of trotskyism are today prepared to fight. And we fight, and we
willl fight, and future will be our´s!°


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