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those interested in "left luminaries" and "progressives" (is that what
they're called?) may find be of interest...   Michael Hoover

> >From NADER 2000:  http://votenader.com/press/000925citizen_committee.html
> September 25, 2000
> Washington, D.C., Sept. 25 =96 The Nader 2000 Campaign today announced a
> Citizens Committee of more than 100 prominent people, including
> celebrities with social justice backgrounds, union leaders, environmental
> activists and leading academics who are publicly supporting Green Party
> presidential candidate Ralph Nader and vice presidential candidate Winona
> LaDuke. They are also calling for the inclusion of Nader and LaDuke in the
> upcoming debates.
> The list of supporters was released in press conferences held today in
> Washington, D.C., New York and Seattle, during which Oscar-winner Susan
> Sarandon, Trans Africa founder Randall Robinson, feminist author Meredith
> Tax and several other members of the Nader 2000 Citizens Committee
> explained why they are supporting Nader and LaDuke.
> The support of more than 100 prominent leaders in their respective fields
> is more evidence of the broad based appeal of our campaign and the momentum
> that is building up across the country,=94 Nader said.
> Nader's three-day, six-city Non-Voter Tour with Michael Moore and Phil
> Donahue last week was a big success, attracting huge crowds at every stop.
> Friday night, more than 12,000 people paid $7 apiece to hear Nader speak at
> a super rally in Minneapolis, Minn., which was the largest paid political
> rally for any candidate in this  election year. On Saturday, more than
> 10,000 supporters turned out to a paid rally in Seattle.

> Similar super rallies are planned for Boston on Oct. 1 and Chicago on Oct.
> 10.
> "Today, prominent citizens echoed the support of tens of thousands of
> voters who are turning up at our campaign events across the country.
> Horse-race polls don't accurately reflect third-party support. The
> mainstream media'ss nearly exclusive focus on the two-party duopoly is
> missing the real story that millions of voters, including those who voted
> for Sen. John McCain and Bill Bradley, will no longer tolerate cash-
> register-politics as usual and will be heading to the polls this
> November to vote their conscience and not their fears," Nader said.
> Citizens Committee for Nader/LaDuke
> Affiliations provided for identification purposes only.
> Co-Chairs
> Phil Donahue, Former Talk Show Host
> Jim Hightower, Author, Radio Commentator
> Randall Robinson, TransAfrica Forum
> Susan Sarandon, Actor and Activist
> Members (condensed list)
> John B. Anderson, Third Party Presidential Candidate in 1980
> David Barsamian, Author, Radio Interviewer
> Juliette Beck, Global Exchange
> Elaine Bernard, Harvard Trade Union Program
> Herbert Bernstein, Professor of Physics at Hampshire College
> Thomas Berry, Historian, Author of Dream of the Earth
> Wendell Berry, Farmer and Writer
> Jello Biafra, Former Member of the Dead Kennedys
> Norman Birnbaum, Georgetown University Professor
> Grace Lee Boggs, Human Rights Activist
> Theresa Bonpane, Office of the Americas
> Blase Bonpane, Office of the Americas
> Eric Brakken, United Students Against Sweatshops
> David Brower, Founder and Chair of the Earth Island Institute
> Ira R. Byock, Physician, Author and Advocate for Improved End of Life Care
> Edgar Cahn, Time Dollar Institute
> Peter Camejo, CEO of Progressive Asset Management
> John Cavanagh, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies
> Noam Chomsky, Author and Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
> Robert Clark, General Secretary, United Electrical Workers
> Steve Cobble, Former Political Director of the Rainbow Coalition
> Ben Cohen, Co-Founder of Ben and Jerry's
> Barry Commoner, Scientist, 1980 Citizen's Party Candidate
> Peter Coyote, Actor and Writer
> Ronnie Cummins, National Director of the Organic Consumers Association
> Herman Daly, Professor at University of Maryland
> Iris Dement, Folk Musician
> Rose Anne DeMoro, Executive Director of the California Nurses Association
> Mark Dowie, Journalist, Former Editor of Mother Jones
> Barbara Dudley, Former President of Greenpeace and National Lawyers Guild
> Ronnie Dugger, Founder of the Alliance for Democracy
> Troy Duster, Professor at New York University
> Barbara Ehrenreich, Political Essayist and Social Critic
> Richard Falk, Center of International Studies, Princeton University
> Robert Fellmeth, Director of the Children's Advocacy Institute
> Jeff Gates, President, Shared Capitalism Institute
> Sarah van Gelder, Editor of YES! magazine
> Danny Glover, Actor and Activist
> Jim and Rebecca Goodman, Organic Dairy Farmers
> Kevin Gray, Former ACLU National Board Member
> Arlo Guthrie, Entertainer
> Doris (Granny D) Haddock, Campaign Finance Reform Activist
> Dan Hamburg, Former Member of US Congress
> Paul Hawken, Author, Economist
> Randy Hayes, Rainforest Action Network
> Tim Hermach, Native Forest Council
> Wes Jackson, The Land Institute
> Nicholas Johnson, Former Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
> David Kairys, Law Professor at Temple University and Author
> Casey Kasem, Radio Broadcaster
> Mel King, Founder of the Massachusetts Rainbow Coalition
> Ynestra King, Ecofeminist Author
> John Kinsman, Family Farm Defenders
> Philip M. Klasky, Director of the Bay Area Nuclear Waste Coalition
> David Korten, Author, The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism
> Frances Korten, Director of the Positive Futures Network
> Ron Kovic, Vietnam Veteran and Peace Activist
> Al Krebs, Corporate Agribusiness Research Project
> Saul Landau, California State Polytechnic University
> Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor of Tikkun Magazine
> Theodore Lowi, Historian, Author
> Howard Lyman, Former Rancher, Vegetarian Activist
> Joanna R. Macy, Author and Teacher
> Jerry Mander, President of the International Forum on Globalization
> Dr. Manning Marable, Director of Columbia University's Institute for
> Research in African American Studies
> Dave Marsh, Writer and Editor of Rock & Rap Confidential
> Redwood Mary, Plight of the Redwoods Campaign
> Arno Mayer, Dayton-Stockton Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
> Dan McCarthy, UAW Local 417
> Robert McChesney, Professor University of Illinois
> Kay McVay, President of the California Nurses Association
> Carolyn Merchant, UC Berkeley, Professor of Environmental History,
> Philosophy, and Ethics
> Peter Montague, Environmental Research Foundation
> Michael Moore, Filmmaker, Journalist
> Willie Nelson, Country Musician
> Gus Newport, Former Mayor of Berkeley California
> Ruth Ozeki, Novelist and Filmmaker Author of My Year of Meats
> Jan Pierce, Former Vice President of Communication Workers of America
> Frances Fox Piven, City University of New York
> Anthony Pollina, Candidate for Governor in Vermont
> Nora Pouillon, Chef
> Bonnie Raitt, Blues Singer/Guitarist
> Sheldon Rampton, Co-Author of Toxic Sludge is Good For You
> Marcus Raskin, Co-founder of the Institute for Policy Studies, Author and
> Political Theorist
> John Rensenbrink, Bowdoin College
> Mark Ritchie, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
> Tim Robbins, Actor
> Vicki Robin, New Road Map Foundation
> John Schaeffer, CEO of Real Goods Trading Company, Inc.
> Pete Seeger, Musician
> Andy Sharpless, Progressive Networks
> Michelle Shocked, Musician
> Cora Lee Simmons, Round Valley Indians for Justice
> Gerry Spence, Spence, Moriarity & Schister
> John Stauber, Co-Author of Toxic Sludge is Good For You
> Andrew Strauss, Professor of International Law, Widerner University School
> of Law
> Charlotte Talberth, Max and Anna Levinson Foundation
> Meredith Tax, Feminist Author and Human Rights Activist
> Studs Terkel, Radio Personality and Historian
> Tom Tomorrow, Cartoonist
> Jerry Tucker, Former International UAW Regional Director
> Eddie Vedder, Musician, Pearl Jam
> Harvey Wasserman, Author of The Last Energy War
> Cornell West, Professor, Author of Race Matters
> Sheldon Wolin, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
> Howard Zinn, Author
> For more information:
> http://votenader.com/press/citizens_profiles.html

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