Is The FI One of the Greatest Failures In Marxist History?

Owen Jones owen_jones at
Sun Oct 1 11:17:50 MDT 2000


 It isn't like I have become an anti-Trotskyist, it is just that I have
politically matured somewhat and believe the Trotskyist movement in the
advanced capitalist states to have been a gross disaster. There were times,
outside of the USSR, Vietnam, Spain and Sri Lanka where it gained a real
working class base, for example now in France, in Latin America and formerly
in Britain with the Militant Tendency which had good support amongst the
miners, and of course took over Liverpool Council which the working class
there mobilised behind to a significant degree.

 I also hear that the present unrest in Bolivia has at its leadership a
significant Trotskyist influence. A female Trotskyist union leader has just
been arrested for sedition, so I have read.

 The problem with Trotskyism is that it often failed to gain a solid social
base and hence degenerated into a bunch of sects that had no interest in the
class struggle but rather simply party building. How ironic that those who
claim the mantle of Trotsky, once a bitter critic of democratic centralism
due to potential bureaucratic effects, should set up parties that so
caricatured it that their model often reflected the bureaucratic Stalinist
states of the East.

 As I said, Trotskyism and Stalinism had a dialectical relationship, and
were united opposites. With the implosion of Stalinism, much of Trotskyism
for practical use becomes useless. I very firmly believe that there should
be no attempt to resurrect the Fourth International, which lies on the scrap
heap of history.


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