"For Workers' Political Revolution to Overthrow...

Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Sun Oct 1 16:20:34 MDT 2000

 Tony:I want to add to your impressive survey of the stillbirth of the FI
an issue I've been grappling with for some time: the call "For Workers'
Political Revolution to Overthrow the Stalinist Bureaucracy in (fill in the
blank)." Some in the Trotskyst movement still chant this like a mantra,
viz. the Sparts. Others,such as the Mandelites and their offspring, eg.,
SWP, Socialist Action, raise the call in some form, but make an exception
for Cuba.The Workers World Party, AKA Marcyites, turned this position on
its head after 1956, offering friendly but not wholly uncritical support to
the various Deformed Workers States(DWS).
   I believe Trotsky was right to call for the political (but not economic,
as he pointed out)overthrow of the Soviet regime after 1933.I think the
call applied to all the DWS except Cuba after World War II.But after 1989
this program has become futile at best and dangerous at worst when applied
to the DWS, and dubious when applied to Gorby's USSR.But, as my old friend
Tony Montana would say: dat's history---I'm here and he's not, meng."

   There is no evidence that a significant organized left opposition exists
in China or Viet Nam, or that one such could or should be built.(So little
is known of the internal politics of the DPRK that I "won't go
there.")There are, outside the Party, opponents of market reforms, but what
their own program is remains unclear.I've yet to hear one student who
survived Tiannemen Square  ever offer a defense of the Revolution of
1949.Intellectuals in both countries have befriended Clintonesque liberals
such as Susan Sontag and Ian(sp?) Buruma. The unofficial "trade unions" in
both lands are linked to the AFL-CIA, and proud of it.

 I am suggesting that "For Workers' Political Revolution to Overthrow..."
is now an empty slogan. One either fights for socialism inside the
Communist Party or becomes an ally of imperialism, or becomes marginalized
and sent to the dustbin of history.Workers in China and Viet Nam must
militate inside the Party to impede and then reverse the stampede towards
capitalist restoration.
Julio Cesar

I would suggest that even by phrasing the question, we get
>to the heart of one of the greatest sectarian failures in Marxist
>history: the Fourth International.>


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