Ernie Tate

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Oct 1 16:23:34 MDT 2000

In an email sent ealrier this morning, I said that Louis' comments on Ernie
Tate being beaten up by Healyites exaggerated what had happened and
suggested that what had actually happened was relatively trivial but been
exaggerated in the telling over the years.  Since then I have received an
off-list email from a Digest subscriber with information from the time.
This would suggest that I was  completely wrong in my comment about what
had happened to Ernie.

This is what Ernie Tate said at the time about what happened to him:
>>"My literature was knocked out of my hands.  I was punched and thrown to
>>the ground, my glasses were smashed, and as I lay on the ground I was
>>kicked repeatedly in the groin and stomach.  After the attack I had to
>>attend the casualty department of the Middlesex Hospital and I was
>>forced to stay in bed for the greater part of the next day.  At the
>>moment of writing I am still badly bruised."

Clearly, a great deal more serious than the pushing I suggested.  And a
harbinger of what the Healyites would get up to with opponents over the
coming years.

Sorry for getting it wrong on this one.


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