[fla-left] [Election 2000] Citizens Committee for Nader/LaDuke formed(fwd)

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Sun Oct 1 11:25:41 MDT 2000

Michael Hoover wrote:

> those interested in "left luminaries" and "progressives" (is that what
> they're called?) may find be of interest...   Michael Hoover

We're running out of words. One important use of  "progressive"
was to name non-communists who were willing to work with
communists. (This would have included but *not* been limited to
those disparaged by their enemies as "fellow-travellers.") As
Michael suggests, however, the word seems to be losing its
edge, being little better than a name for the more soulful type
of liberal.


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