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Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Oct 1 20:43:24 MDT 2000

Julio, I would not call the birth of the FI a stillbirth.     There was
much potential, and some of this was met.      However, there were some
difficult rites of passage after the death of Trotsky, where the FI was
unable to meet the ideological demands.

You wrote-
<I believe Trotsky was right to call for the political (but not
economic, as he pointed out) overthrow of the Soviet regime after 1933.
I think the call applied to all the DWS except Cuba after World War II.
But after 1989 this program has become futile at best and dangerous at
worst when applied to the DWS, and dubious when applied to Gorby's

I agree to an extent, but the demand for a political revolution in the
Soviet Bloc had a distinctive difference post World War Two, than
before.      Before, capitalism had nothing to offer the industrialized
working classes besides depression and fascism.

Afterwards, the whole consumer society construction, began to allow the
capitalist classes to make the world working classes a whole different
offer.      This changed the equation.       Capitalism moved to
ascendency, and appeared more attractive, as the left communists no
longer could compete in this struggle to make a 'political' revolution
in the Soviet Bloc and China.

It became the world capitalist system, that through the offer of
unsustainable trinketry, began to glitter across the world.
Trotskyism, with its offer of a more humane and democratic planned
economy, was out of real contention for persuading the working classes
of the 'Second World' countries..     But the FI just kept right on,
with its now traditional call for a 'political' overthrow of Stalinist
led governments.

I believe that another key rite of passage failed by the world
Trotskyist Movement, occurred in the period 1973-1980.      Despite the
destruction of some of its Third World parties, the FI had led the
Movement against US and allied interventionism in SE Asia.     What to
do after this PARTIAL victory?

It chose to do the absolute worst thing possible.    It saw the partial
victory as closing a chapter on the importance of anti-imperialist
work....then choosing to mobilize an effort for building a more Left
Trade Union Movement in the imperialist countries, instead of
concentrating on building solidarity with the international working
classes, trapped in fascist-like bondage in the Third World countries.
Issues of supposed interest to the national working classes in the
imperialist countries, rose to be the principle political issues for
world Trotskyism.

There has been no ONGOING and internationally COORDINATED effort to
build a global movement against the Western war machine.     This has
sealed the slide into irrelevancy, brought about by the continued call
for 'political' revolutions in the countries with nationalized
economies.    The ruling class grabbed the ball away from Trotskyism on
that one, and off they went........

The continued call for 'political' revolution, has moved the remaining
Trotskyist ideologues into even worsened political abstentionism in the
fight to stop US imperialism.       Trotskyism, ausente!

This ability to mobilize, call, and build international political
campaigns, is the whole value in having an International.      If there
has been an international campaign of the FI in the last 2 and 1/2
decades?, then it certainly passed the world by.

Tony Abdo

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