Is The FI One of the Greatest Failures In Marxist History?

Alan Bradley alanb at
Sun Oct 1 17:12:11 MDT 2000

> From: Kurt Lhotzky
> We had anwe deomstrations dayle, and we had a lot od meetins and
> sicussions with the trade unions, and I proudly say: It´s the Trotskiyt
> Organizations that lead this struggles!
> And we can lead this fights, because Trotsky was not wrong: I do not care
> about the tendencies which provlaim they are te only "sons" of the old
> FI.  But, I think , we must see: Just Those wgo underwent theire
> education in the cam of trotskyism are today prepared to fight. And we
> fight, and we willl fight, and future will be our´s!°

I have to partly agree with Kurt here.  If comrades care to check the
archives for the posts I forwarded about S11, the Marxist currents involved
in its organisation were all at some point or other from the Trotskyist
tradition.  (The CPA endorsed it, but didn't do much to actually make it
happen - but they are tiny too.)  The British left, too, seems to have a
very strong Trotskyist element amongst its potentially useful revolutionary
wing.  There are probably other states where Trotskyist derived forces are
likely to be crucial in rebuilding the revolutionary movement too.

France, Italy and Spain, on the other hand, have had historically strong
CPs, from which it is possible that strong revolutionary currents could
emerge.  South Africa is likely to see left currents emerge from the SACP,
COSATU and the ANC as the political struggle there deepens.  In other
countries, Maoist currents are dominant, and there are Cuba-oriented forces
in Latin America, and so on.

In other words, "Trotskyism" is not an entirely sterile current, but it is
not the only source from which "real" revolutionary forces will come.

Now here is the tricky part:  what role can Trotskyist international
organisations play in this situation?  Do they have a useful role to play?
Were they a bad idea in the first place?  That is, is the FI "itself" (in
this case all the vaguely sane international Trotskyist fragments, not just
any single organisation) actually useful in the world at the moment?

Here I would have to go for a provisional "No".

Alan Bradley
alanb at

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