Is The FI One of the Greatest Failures In Marxist History?

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> Now here is the tricky part:  what role can Trotskyist international
> organisations play in this situation?  Do they have a useful role to
> play? Were they a bad idea in the first place?  That is, is the FI
> "itself" (in this case all the vaguely sane international Trotskyist
> fragments, not just any single organisation) actually useful in the
> world at the moment?
> Here I would have to go for a provisional "No".

IMHO, this is the only sensible answer today. And I am proudly a
member of that broad family of Marxists who have the greatest respect
for Lev Davidovitch. As I have said many times, if life had had me in
Petrograd by the times of the Revolution, I would have most certainly
been a Mezhrayontsik, and I would have applauded the decission to
join the Bolshevik Party.

Now, however, those who call themselves "FI" have little to do with
that group and with that historic decission (which was a great
decission both for Lenin and Trotsky, indeed!).

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