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En relación a "For Workers' Political Revolution to Overthrow..,
el 1 Oct 00, a las 18:09, Julio Pino dijo:

>  I am suggesting that "For Workers' Political Revolution to
>  Overthrow..."
> is now an empty slogan. One either fights for socialism inside the
> Communist Party or becomes an ally of imperialism, or becomes
> marginalized and sent to the dustbin of history.Workers in China and
> Viet Nam must militate inside the Party to impede and then reverse the
> stampede towards capitalist restoration. Julio Cesar

Interesting. But I am afraid that Julio is extrapolating the Cuban
experience too much. I do not know much on the internal traits of the
Cuban Communist Party, but from what I have been learning these days,
I would define it as a political organism of a National Revolutionary
Front. This is, at least, what the members of that Party point to
when they refer to Martí's insistence in the necessity for a single
party of the revolution and not to some form of "Marxist" form of
political correctness imposing "one party" solutions because we now
have "one class, and only one" in the country.

Under such conditions, I can imagine that there _might_ exist a space
for independent political action tending to impede and then reverse
the stampede. This might be true of the Chinese Communist Party also.

Now, since the one at stake here was LDT, I want to call the
attention of the comrades that Trotsky never wrote off definitively
the possibility that the higher bureaucratic layers would attempt to
become a bourgeoisie. He did not imagine, however, that this would
not only entail a tremendous setback for socialism (he did not balk
at the perspective, which he considered a possibility by the times
most of the anti-Trotskyists were intoning paeans to the Everlasting
Homeland of the Workers) but also a tremendous national defeat and
the recolonization of the former USSR as a new Third World country by
the West.

It is the latter consequences that may imply the convenience for what
would act as "revolutionary socialist workers" to follow the advice
by Julio. In countries such as Yugoslavia, however, the national
front takes the shape of a coalition, and under such circumstances
those hypothetic staunch Leftist revolutionaries may probably
organize by themselves, strike the enemy together with the
government, but not confuse themselves with the ruling party (even
though giving to this party full support against domestic sepoys and
foreign thugs).

Just some ideas tossed to the air...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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