AW: Is The FI One of the Greatest Failures In Marxist History?

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> Interesting that we arrive at almost identical conclusions from such
> different paths.  A good sign, I think
> Best regards
> Jared

Yes, a good sign indeed! But I understand that you have been (or
still are) a Maoist. Then there is little surprise.

Well, Jared, maybe you did not know this, but Mao, as well as Ho,
(while paying lip service to Stalin) behaved, in actual political
practicem as consumate practitioners of the theses of the _Permanent

The Stalin-Trotsky debate has turned what should have been a display
of common sense into a contentious and murderous (literally) debate.

BTW, the political groups that are more close to mine in Argentina
are the Maoists of the Revolutionary Communist Party. But they have a
large portrait of Stalin overlording their Central Committee, so I
try not to visit them often. I kind of feel an icy shiver running
along my spine when I enter that Sacred Room...

A hug,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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