"For Workers' Political Revolution to Overthrow...

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Sun Oct 1 22:48:44 MDT 2000

>  I am suggesting that "For Workers' Political Revolution to Overthrow..."
> is now an empty slogan. One either fights for socialism inside the
> Communist Party or becomes an ally of imperialism, or becomes marginalized
> and sent to the dustbin of history.Workers in China and Viet Nam must
> militate inside the Party to impede and then reverse the stampede towards
> capitalist restoration.
> Julio Cesar

Absolutely. Even a real, honest left opposition to overthrow, say, the CPC
would be treading an incredibly dangerous path. In so trying to revive the
revolution, one could actually provide the temporary weakness that the
Imperialists have been waiting for since the CPC took power 51 years ago
today. In other words, it would be used by the spooks as a divide and
conquer tactic. We cannot afford to take that chance, the loss of the CPC
into a bourgeois regime would be a tremedous blow, no matter what we think
of the current government. It would be at the very least, a loss of Chinese

The case of Yugoslavia is much the same. To oppose the state that protects
(for whatever reasons) what is left of the 1944 revolution in the name of
"democratic principles" is wholly suicide. Leaving the SPS/JUL to act on
their own is also suicide. What Julio proposes is ultimately the best
answer- keeping the flame of true socialism alive while defending distorted
socialist principles as opposed to Imperialism in the present.

 I am often reminded of what it would be like to be a Soviet citizen in 1943
and hear someone talking of the *immediate* need (while Hitlers tanks were
rolling on Soviet territory!) to overthrow the bureaucracy and start anew.
If anyone took that seriously, they were not fighting in the interest of
socialism, but rather in the interest of a personal feud gone haywire. That
is putting the personal above the political.


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