Diffusionism does not convey notion of force

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Mon Oct 2 09:02:29 MDT 2000

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CB: Thanks for the below. I have often thought of trying to plug "light" in as
knowledge using "e = mc squared" since anthropologist Leslie A. White proposed energy
capture as a measure of technological development. However, it is all metaphorical,
and I don't think the physics adds up (yet !) as Les S. may let us know about. It
doesn't hurt to play around with the formulas. There may be a fruitful idea. Just
watchout we might be called postmods for not using the physics and math accurately.



So, next point:
To extend the diffusion analogy from a chemical to a physical
metaphor one might equate the power that capital has with energy (e),
and mass (m) with the masses, of course.
We all know the formulaic equation

                               e = mc

Light (c) would be knowledge (with all its Promethean and Luciferian
[luce = light] allusions), and the squaring of knowledge would be
the equivalent of the application of self-knowledge in the world.
Thus ee-equals-em-si-squared would represent the self-aware working
classes of the world at the point of taking power.  This is a critical
moment when knowledge becomes a facter with the critical masses to
create revolution.  Currently, the state of the world's political
socioeconomic energy could be phrased:
                               e/(c x c) = m


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