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Yeah, Milonovic is a " sincere humane reformer", to cite a pundit!

anti-US and anti-Milosovic:)


Stephen E Philion wrote:

> This is a World Bank view or the view of one  economist who is associated
> with the WB in some kind of capacity or another. There is a difference,
> no?
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> On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx wrote:
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> > This is a World Bank view of Serbia in response to my posting of
> > Choussudovsky's article on IPE network, so please be warned and read
> > accordingly.
> >
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> >
> >
> > ***Milonovic wrote (development economist at World Bank:)
> >
> > It is sad to see again smart people like Professor Chossudovsky fall
> > into the same trap into which "the useful idiots" of Stalinism fell into
> > in the 1930's. The dislike of capitalism did not morally allow one to
> > defend mass slaughter of people and Stalin's extermination policies.
> > Similarly, the critique of the last year's US aggression against
> > Yugoslavia does not mean that one must subscribe to the policies of Mr.
> > Milosevic. Most people in Serbia today are both anti-NATO and
> > anti-Milosevic, including most famously Mr. Kostinica who just won the
> > election. Regretably, many people in the West--on both sides of the
> > political spectrum--have trouble understanding that one can be against
> > both. In that simplistic view of the world, Prof. Chossudovsky rejoins
> > other luminaries such as Mrs. Albright.


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